Three criticisms Jesus faced

June 28th, 2012

This morning I have been reflecting on the criticisms that Jesus faced from the Pharisees as He went about His daily life and ministry. Here are three…

1. He Blasphemed – Jesus often said to people that their sins were forgiven. The Pharisees could not stand this as only God alone could forgive sins (Mark 2:6-7). And they did not believe Jesus was God in human form.

2. He kept bad company – Jesus spent a lot of time with people who the ruling Jews would not be seen dead with. He dined with them, taught them, healed them and befriended them. He even spent time in their homes.

3. He went against traditions – Jesus did things on the Sabbath that a normal Jew or Pharisee would not do. He was mindful of doing things the right way, but always focussed on helping people too.

The people who could not see Jesus for who He was, struggled and criticised Him and His ways. They didn’t understand what He was trying to do.

God Bless,