Managing your time to be present with your family

May 25th, 2012

One of the things God spoke to me on when we had kids was to be a present daddy, not an absent father.

As a result of this I decided to only ever work part time in my secular jobs (four days a weeks when we had a mortgage, less now we own our home). This gave me more time to spend with my wife and kids and then add in some ministry tasks.

It hasn’t always been easy as money has been very tight at times and we have had to budget tightly, but looking back I am glad I made the choices I did.

Today’s Word for Today touches on not neglecting your family by spending too much time at work or with other commitments. It lists seven things that will help us to manage our time so we can spend more time with our loved ones.

  1. Remember who’s in charge. Manage your time, don’t let it manage you. Think through commitments before you make them. Decide what’s important. The urgent seldom is.
  2. Schedule in reverse. Put your real priorities on the calendar first, then add the rest.
  3. Drop one thing from your schedule; for example, spending two afternoons less a month volunteering frees you to enjoy lunch with your spouse.
  4. Be, rather than do. Think. Pray. Relax in a chair.
  5. Get your spouse’s perspective on how you’re spending your time, and what may be stealing it.
  6. Be honest about your limitations. You can’t manufacture time; we all get the same amount.
  7. Keep a list of your commitments by the phone so you think twice before adding to it.

I think it is a great advice. I am really happy I made the changes years ago. It has freed me up to be a better husband and daddy to my kids. I feel like a present hubby and daddy, not an absent husband and father.

God Bless,


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