Constant filling up for growth

May 21st, 2012

One great piece of advice a Pastor gave me once was, “Dave you alone are ultimately responsible for your growth as a Christian”.

This has stayed with me over the years. This is why I constantly try to seek encouragement, learning and growth opportunities each day.

Here are a few of the things I do…

  1. Read the Bible most days of the week
  2. Subscribe to the “Life Application Daily Devotion” email
  3. Read “The Word for Today” online or in print form
  4. Study free courses at
  5. Spend time at church most weeks
  6. Have a weekly prayer time with a friend
  7. Try to be in a constant conversation with God during the day
  8. Regularly talk with my wife about the Bible and’or spiritual things

These things help me to keep growing and help keep my spirit fuelled up. People also sow into my life, but ultimately I have to chose to keep growing and put the work in. God does His part and I try to do mine.

How about you? Are you growing and what sort of things are you doing? I think that is worth pondering today.

God Bless,