God’s presence and prayer

May 16th, 2012

I have a couple of people I pray with regularly that when we pray God’s presence always fills the room.

When I say God’s presence, I really mean God’s presence. There is a tangible filling of the room almost like a wave that descends from the ceiling to the floor and it feels like the whole room is filled with a beautiful warm comfortable peace.

Sometimes this feeling is so strong that we can’t stand and we just have to sit. It is an amazing feeling that fills, refreshes and ministers to us. Often God will speak prophetically to us during these times too.

The same sort of presence used to happen when we got together in Perth for our PASSION board meetings. Often we would sit for up to half an hour and just bask in it. No-one wanted to go home!

I often wonder why this doesn’t happen in all of the prayer meetings I go to? I really wish it would sometimes, because it is always a great experience and such a close and intimate time with God.

God Bless,