Opposition is not always opposition

May 14th, 2012

Sometimes when we are making changes or stepping out in to new things we face opposition. It might come from authorities, people we know or the Devil.

Opposition to any changes we are making can be very frustrating, especially when we think we are moving forward in God’s will for our lives or our ministry.

One easy trap to fall into is that all opposition or delays are actually the Devil trying to thwart our plans. This is part of his job description, but he might not always the one behind the delays or problems.

It is wise to pray and ask God what is happening in the situation. We need to remember that we make our plans, but the Lord is the one who orders our steps (Proverbs 16:9, 20:24).

When stepping out in faith we must not give the Devil too much credit or assume it is always him, it may actually be God placing our feet in the footsteps He prepared for us beforehand.

In our own life my wife and I have experienced many situations where we thought it was opposition from the Devil trying to derail our plans, only to find out a few months later it was God ordering our steps.

Sometimes God was growing our faith in Him, we needed to be stretched or other things needed to be done before our next step could take place. Often hindsight was the only way to see things more clearly.

Remember: God’s timing is always perfect, He is always with us working on our behalf and don’t give the Devil too much credit. Opposition is not always opposition!

God Bless,