Praying with honesty and faith

March 23rd, 2012

I was reading Psalm 6:1-10 this morning. In it I noticed some interesting points about the way David prayed in the midst of turmoil.

1. David prayed for mercy – In verse 2 David asks God to be merciful to him. He says he is faint, his bones are in agony, his soul is in anguish and he asks for mercy.

2. David prayed for deliverance – In verses 4-5 David asks for deliverance because of God’s unfailing love. He asked God to bring relief because of His love for David.

3. David prayed with honesty – In verses 6-7  he tells God exactly how he feels. He says he is worn out from groaning and all night he floods his bed with tears. He poured out his heart.

4. David prayed with faith – David finishes this Psalm with faith and the knowledge that God has heard his prayers. He knew God had heard and accepted his prayers. He knew He would act.

I love the way David prayed with honesty. He told God how he was feeling. He didn’t pretend. He didn’t try to put a good spin on it. He said it how it was to him.

Then in faith he trusted God had heard him and he knew that as a loving God that He would act in a righteous and loving way towards him.

David trusted God and he prayed with honesty and faith. It is a great example for us to follow today.

God Bless,