Another reason why I enjoy a secular workplace

March 22nd, 2012

In yesterday’s post I shared some of the reasons why I was working at our local hospital in a secular role. As today has progressed I have come up with another reason – to engage with non church people.

When working for a church and spending time with mostly Christian people I find it hard to find time to spend with non Christian people. I tend to get caught up in church, preparing Bible studies, sermon preparation and I lose sight of the outside world.

When working in a secular workplace I mix with non Christian people all day. As I am naturally an outgoing Christian and open about my faith it follows me around. Often I find myself talking with people about my faith, people often ask me questions or ask me to pray for them.

At several workplaces in the past I have been known as a Christian Minister and have in many ways become the non official Chaplain on the office or factory. I really enjoy this type of interaction in the workplace.

Obviously first and foremost you are there to work and serve your employer, but in the course of the day it is good to be a support and encouragement to people as they go about their work.

God Bless,