Burning our sins

February 27th, 2012

On Sunday nights at church we are doing a series called, “The year of living dangerously”. It is about challenging us in our faith and going deeper in God.

Last night we talked about things that hold us back in our relationship with God. Three things were touched on – sin, selfishness and lack of submission and how we overcome them by self examination, confession and repentance.

When we had finished the sermon section we were asked to take a piece of paper and spend some time in self examination. After we had examined ourselves we were to write down sins or attitudes or wrong beliefs on the paper.

Then one by one, in our own time, we walked to the front and burnt the paper in a cast iron pot. Then we returned silently to our seats.

I wrote personal things that I struggle with on there and watched them burn one by one from bottom to top. So one by one I saw the sins and attitudes disappear as the paper burned away.

As Christians we know we are forgiven and accepted by God because of Christ’s death on the cross for us. But for me it was quite moving and very symbolic. It was about giving these things over to God afresh and allowing Him to bring release, healing and growth in our relationship.

God Bless,