Comparisson of Major World Religions

February 23rd, 2012

I am looking over some notes I have about major world views. A world view is our assumptions about what makes up our world. More often than not, world views influence us in ways we may or may not be conscious of.

In today’s post I thought I would share a one sentence definition of the major world views. This is how they view the world we all live in.

Monotheism – One God exists who is separate from, but involved with the universe.

Deism – God created an orderly world to operate on its own.

Naturalism – Matter is all that exists and is best understood through science.

Nihilism – Objective truth and positive values are to be questioned and dismissed. Nihilism is more of an attitude than a formal philosophy.

Existentialism – Life has no objective meaning, so significance must be subjectively created from within.

Pantheism – Everything that exists is God (Spirit). Matter is illusion.

New Consciousness – Reality is beyond reason and can only be understood by altering the mind.

These are the seven major world views. All faiths and beliefs or non beliefs ultimately fall into one of these categories.

I have found these descriptions very useful, especially when talking to people about my faith and belief in Christ.

God Bless,