The urge to study again

February 4th, 2012

I have been experiencing an interesting thing the last week or so. I have had the urge to study again. Although I finished my formal studies last year I want to keep learning and growing.

I found a free short course on called “Ministering to people in pain“. Something in the course description grabbed hold of me so I am doing it.

One thing I am enjoying about the course is the level of study it is at. It is nice to listen to a lecture, answer some reflections questions on a group forum and do a short multiple choice quiz to see if you understood it all.

This is a lot different from formal Bible College with all the readings, assignments and exams, but I am still learning a lot. I have completed six of the ten lessons and it has been really good so far.

Once I have processed it all I might share some of the key things I have learned from it. If you are interested in doing it yourself you can find it here.

God Bless,