Our original logo and vision

February 2nd, 2012

PassionI was looking through some old images today and I found our first logo at PASSION Australia. As you can see it is Australia on the world, then the cross over the top of it.

I can remember being all excited at the getting the vision for PASSION and designing logos and a pictorial vision statement with our vision, goals and supporting verses.

It is an exciting time when things are new. They are so full of potential and can become anything. The sky is the limit!

Looking back to November 1998 I have fond memories. Hours and hours spent in prayer. Hours spent day dreaming. Hours out in the streets spent talking with people in the hope they would come to Christ.

I think it is good to sit back and reflect on your beginnings. Things like logos, vision statements and the way you did things can be a bit dated, but it can also inspire you to press on in the future.

Looking backwards to when you first began can fuel your moving forward.

God Bless,