Vines and branches part 3

January 13th, 2012

I am still reflecting on John 15:1-17 and the vines and the branches at the moment. The last few days I have been thinking about the pruning of the Father for fruit in the right places.

In the picture above I am trimming my tomato bushes. I am trimming away the new branches that are wanting to grow at the base of the plant. They are trying to grow where I don’t want them to be.

As I shared a few days ago, branches that grow too close to the ground are prone to fungus and other diseases due to water and soil splashing on them. So I prune them so they grow up higher and in the right place.

For us as Christians our life and ministries can be like this too. We start growing new things and producing fruit in different places. While the fruit is good, it might not be in the place the Gardener wants us to be.

In my own life and walk with God I can look back and see where I was producing fruit, but God prompted me to stop and move on to something else. He pruned my involvement and placed me somewhere else.

At first I have thought this is going well why change? But in time I realised I wasn’t in the best place to produce the best fruit. The secret is to be located on the right place on the Vine to produce the biggest shiniest fruit possible.

As John 15:8 says our role is to produce good fruit that bring glory to God, but the key is do go it in the right place. Are you in the right place on the Vine?

God Bless,