Vines and branches part 1

January 8th, 2012

Several weeks ago I started reading and reflecting on John 15:1-17. This is the section where it talks about Jesus being the true vine and we are His branches.

After I read it the first time I went outside to see how my tomato bushes were going. As I looked at them I still had the imagery of John 15 in my mind.

I soon realised that the bushes were overgrown and even though they had produced a good crop of tomatoes, I decided to get out my clippers and give them a trim.

As I trimmed I remembered what the garden experts said to do. They suggest you trim off the low branches as tomatoes don’t like it when the soil splashes up from watering. Apparently it can cause fungus and leave them open to infections.

Once the low branches were cut off the bushes started to look better. I then decided to re-stake them and train the remaining branches along the wire I had set up.

When I had finished I stood back and just looked at my work. It looked much better and they looked ready to produce the next crop of tomatoes.

The funny thing is that when I was packing up my tools I had a profound feeling of being like the Great Gardener (v1).  I had cared for and trimmed my tomato bushes so they would be healthier and produce more fruit.

Just as I was the gardener for my fruit, God is the Gardener for us as Christians. He trims off our dead branches that will not produce fruit. He trims off the low branches that may be infected and He trains along the right path.

This simple illustration helped me to further understand John 15 and the vine and the branches metaphor. In the coming days I will some more reflections I have had on John 15.

God Bless,