My Bible College units studied

January 7th, 2012

I was just having a look of the units I have studied at Bible College this morning. They really start to add up if you stick with it over time.

I have done these units either as a full time or part time student. I started at Perth Bible College in the 1990s, through (2005-2006) and more recently at Tabor Adelaide (2008 on).

As I look at the list of units I have a sense of achievement, of growth and learning and I feel a bit tired when I think about all of the assignments and deadlines!

Anyway, here’s the list…

  • Creative Living (Living in the image of God)
  • Understanding God and Ourselves
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Survey of the New Testament
  • Survey of the Old Testament
  • Introduction to Christian Belief
  • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  • Introduction to Christian Counselling
  • Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Pastoral Care (Inside and outside the church)
  • Leadership
  • Ministry of the Spirit
  • Pastoral Ethics
  • Soteriology – Doctrine of Salvation
  • Personal Evangelism and Sharing your faith
  • Public Speaking and Preaching
  • Understanding Culturally Appropriate Mission
  • Facilitating Individual Learning
  • Working Effectively with Young People in a Youth Work context
  • Undertake research activities (researching a church culture or local area)
  • Equipping with the Gospels
  • Equipping in the Christian Faith
  • Guide to Christian Growth
  • Ten reasons to believe in the existence of God
  • Ten reasons to believe in the Bible
  • Ten reasons to believe in Christ rather than religion
  • Ten reasons to believe in a God who allows suffering
  • Ten reasons to believe real Christians can look like they are not

It has been hard work, like any studies I guess. But in a way Bible College is harder because you have all of the personal growth and attitude changes that need to take place in the midst of it too.

If you are thinking about doing some Bible studies I would encourage you to do so. The work you do lasts not just for this life…it lasts for all eternity!

God Bless,