SOAP: A daily Bible reading idea

January 4th, 2012

I have heard of the S.O.A.P. idea of reading and applying the Bible before, but I was reminded about it by Mark Conner on his blog today. Here is what he wrote…

“As you do your daily reading, consider using the following devotional format:

Scripture – write out a verse or two that speak specifically to you today.

Observation – make a note of what you observe in the text. What was happening back ‘there and then’?

Application – write out how God’s Word applies to your life. What does this mean to you ‘here and now’?

Prayer – write out a prayer of response to what God has said to you.”

I really like it because it helps you to read, reflect and apply the Bible to your life.

I would encourage you to try this by reading one chapter of the New Testament a day and use “SOAP” on any verses that jump out at you.

God Bless,