Introverts in the Church book part 2

December 27th, 2011

In chapter two of Introverts in the Church it touches on how people find and recharge their energy resources.

Extroverts often gain energy by being around people and if they have an issue they talk it through with others. Introverts on the other hand need space and solitude to recharge and work things through internally.

On pages 35 and 36 it explains how Introverts find energy…

“Introverts are energised by solitude. We are recharged from inside out, from the forces of our internal world of ideas and feelings. Just as a geyser finds its power from a subterranean water source, introverts derive strength from hidden places. We generally fill our tanks in private or in the presence of one or two close friends, or else in a public place without interacting with those around us”.

Again I related to these ideas. For me finding energy is about being alone with my thoughts and alone with God. Often I can recharge by spending time at home or in a solitary place.

For me this is why my walks up Merredin Peak are a regular part of my routine. Especially when I feel overloaded from recent events and need space to process things that have taken place. It is also good to get my thoughts straight for things that are coming up.

As Christians I believe it is important to keep growing and moving forward. I am finding this book a great read and a tool that is helping me to further understanding my personality and the way I do things.

God Bless,