Sometimes we need a vision from God

December 20th, 2011

Over the last week or so I have been reading and reflecting on Acts chapters 10 and 11. This is where Peter and Cornelius make contact and the Good News about Jesus is told to Cornelius and his family and friends.

The interesting thing about this section is that both people have a heavenly vision. Cornelius had a vision of an Angel who told him to send for Peter to come and speak to him. Cornelius was a God-fearer which meant he was someone who prayed to God but was not Jewish and did not follow all of the Jewish customs.

Peter’s vision happened when he went to pray. He saw a sheet come down from heaven with “unclean” animals to a Jew on it and a voice from heaven told him to kill and eat. At first Peter was horrified and would not dream of doing this. Then he realised it was less about food and more about things that God had declared clean.

You see Peter would not have gone to Cornelius’ home and entered it. As a Jew this would have ceremonially defiled him by entering and eating with a non-Jewish person. Peter connected the heavenly vision of clean food with “clean” people whom God has declared ok.

As a result Peter went to see Cornelius and he shared the Good News about Jesus’ life, death for sin and His resurrection. In short he brought the salvation message to Cornelius’ home and to all his extended family and friends. The visit also opened up the whole region to the message about Jesus too.

As I have reflected on this I have realised that sometimes as Christians we need to have a special visitation from God to bring major changes in our lives. We might have a wrong attitude, we might need to move to another place, or we might need to start a new venture. Without the visitation, the vision, the dream or the prophetic word we might not make the changes needed.

Over the years my wife and I have had a number of special visitations from God that have acted as crucial turning points for us. They have been what we call red letter days when we know that God has spoken to us clearly. They have given us courage to move forward and they have been a reminder of God’s leading when looking backwards.

So just like Peter and Cornelius’, our heavenly visitations and visions help us to move forward and make the changes necessary for God’s will to come to pass in our lives.

God Bless,