Introverts in the Church book part 1

December 14th, 2011

We received our copies of Introverts in the Church today. My wife and I both opened our copies straight away and began reading!

In the introduction section it talks about introverts and extroverts as Pastors and leaders. It talks about extrovert leaders being charismatic and magnetic, energised by the conversation and social interaction with the congregation, able to talk on all topics and speak with people of all social standing with ease. They are people who naturally draw people to themselves.

Then it turns to someone who is more introverted…

“I, by way of contrast, relished times of solitude, reflection and personal study. I enjoyed people, and I found satisfaction in depth of relationship and conversation, but even when I spent time with people I liked, I looked forward to moments of privacy. I found crowds draining. I could stand up and preach a sermon in front of hundreds of people without nervousness, but I often stumbled through the greeting time afterward because my energy reserves were dry”.

I can 100% relate to the second description types of personality. Over the years I have struggled with this and at times tried to be more like the first description, but could only keep it up for a short time. Eventually I would become tired and drained and have to withdraw to recover.

Because of this I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the book. As I read through I will share some of the things that jump out at me in future blog posts.

God Bless,