Following Jesus on the journey

October 27th, 2011

One of the things I really love about following Jesus is that it is a wonderful journey. When we come to Jesus for our salvation this journey starts and it takes us many places.

As we progress we learn and grow. He shows us new experiences, teaches us new things, our heart attitudes change and we are conformed into His magnificent image over the years. In other words we become more like Him in the way we live.

Another exciting part of following Jesus is the fact that we only see parts of the journey at a time. Sometimes we can only see a certain distance up the road and we can’t see further until we get to the corner, then we see the next part.

At other times it is like we are on a mountain top and we can see far off into the distance. We see the destination or the promised land, but when we look down we can’t see the path that leads to the next things. But the path IS there.

At first I never liked not knowing what is around the corner or the exact route to the promised land. But the longer I walk with Jesus on this journey the more I trust Him and I find it exciting not to know.

I don’t need to have all the lines dotted on the road in front of me any more. I am happy to live each day in His presence and just follow Him up to the next corner. When I get there I know He will point me to the next point. While all the time knowing the promised land is coming.

Following Jesus is the greatest journey of all. I would encourage you to trust Him today.

God Bless,