Helpful Bible Resources part 3

October 24th, 2011

My next really helpful Bible resource is one I have only discovered this year. It is the “Life Application Study Bible”. This is the Bible my wife and I use for our morning Bible readings and prayer times.

I have only been using LASB since the end of June but it has been a real blessing. We read the Bible text and then read the extended footnotes for each verse of passage that we are looking at. We have picked up so much extra insight from the footnotes.

Here is some information about the LASB…

“The “Life Application Study Bible” is today’s #1-selling study Bible, containing notes that not only explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times but also go a step further to show how God’s Word speaks to every situation and circumstance of your life It’s the one Bible resource that incorporates today’s top scholarship in answering your “now what?” questions. The “Life Application Study Bible” includes nearly 10,000 Life Application notes and features designed to help readers apply God’s truths to everyday life.”

I purchased four of these recently, so as a family we all have one each. Then as we get together we can read the same text and same footnotes. I also wanted it for my girls when they are reading the Bible alone so they can further understand the passages they are reading.

The one pictured above is the 25th Anniversary version and costs about $25 at Koorong and Word Bookstore. It really is a great resource if you are wanting to understand the Bible in a deeper and more practical way.

I have made the decision that when I give Bibles to new people, this is the one I will be giving. It will cost me a bit more money, but it will make a huge difference to their walk with Jesus.

God Bless,