Apostle Paul and church planting

October 18th, 2011

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Apostle Paul and his work in church planting. In particular how he went out from Antioch and planted churches along his missionary journeys.

As I have been thinking about this I have been reminded that his role was to plant and set a solid foundation for these new churches. He would preach and teach them about salvation, who Christ was, living for God’s Kingdom, loving others and seeing this life through the eternal eyes of God.

He would set up the church and once the foundations were laid he would leave this new group of believers. Often this was after only 3-6 months. In today’s terms this would be unheard of, but Paul trusted the new church to God and that the believers would continue to grow in Christ.

After Paul left the church would prayerfully determine the direction God wanted them to take and the things they needed to do. In time natural leaders would rise up and peoples would move in their gifted areas. We see that sometimes Paul would either return to see them, send a fellow worker or write to them.

As I have been thinking about this I think that we really need this type of approach to return. Especially in country areas where there are not many ministers or churches. It would be really helpful.

God Bless,