Getting my priorities right

October 15th, 2011

I have been talking to people lately a few times about having right priorities. As we talked we touched on several areas. For me personally I found that my life works best when I have things in the following order.

1. God – this is my personal relationship with Him. My daily walk, prayer times and Bible reading. It is the things I do to keep connected to God. It is my solid foundation.

2. Family – my family comes second to my relationship with God. My wife and kids come first, then this moves out to my extended family (ie. parents, siblings, in-laws).

3. Work – whatever job I have at the time. This is because this is how I support my family. This also includes my studies which I consider a job at the time.

4. Church – my ministry work that God has called me to do. For me this is my work with PASSION Australia and more recently our church plant here in Merredin.

This is how I rate the things I am involved with. Of course at times as God leads you, you have to pay more attention to numbers 2,3 and 4. But number 1 is always number 1.

One thing that I find many Christians do not do is they don’t separate their personal relationship with God and the things they do for Him (ie relationship v ministry). I found this is vital to do.

Why? Because all we do needs to be seen in light of your relationship with God. It is the foundation for our lives and it is the relationship that makes all other things work.

Now I know some don’t agree with having things in this order, but for me it is so important to help me keep my priorities right and set healthy boundaries for my life and the life of my family.

God Bless,