A great weekend

October 11th, 2011

We had our first weekend off since we started our church plant about three months ago. It was to take some time to freshen up and have some time away.

Our weekend started on Friday night by going to a special event here in Merredin. We had a visiting evangelist come into town for a healing ministry event. We went along to that and were really encouraged. My wife was prayed for and received a great prophetic word that confirmed many of the things we had got from God privately.

On Saturday morning we drove down to Perth and did some shopping and spent some time with my Mum. The shopping side was hectic as usual, but the time with my Mum was really nice to stop and relax.

Sunday morning we went to C3 Hepburn Heights and caught up with one of my blogging buddies John Finkelde. It was great to attend his church  and see how they go about church. We were really encouraged by the worship, message and friendliness of all of the people. My kids are still raving about it!

After church we got to chat about our church plant with John and he was able to pray for us and encourage us with his wisdom and experience of being a Pastor for 30 years. It was really uplifting and encouraging. John has really encouraged me via email and Facebook over the last couple of years so it was good to meet in person.

I also feel that in the midst of all of the last weekend that God has been speaking to us about the next things for us and our church. We have been praying for the next things and God is bit by bit giving us a glimpse of some of the things that lay ahead. It is very exciting.

As a couple we are planing to have a weekend off every couple of months. This is so we can recharge our batteries and have some time away as a family. I think it is important to set things like this in place for the long term good of both the church and its leaders.

God Bless,