Getting to know the Bible introduction

October 7th, 2011

One of the things I am thinking about lately is running a free one hour introduction to the Bible course.

I have been thinking about people who might be interested in finding our more about it and how it all fits together.

Some of the things I am thinking about looking at are…

  • how it all fits together ie one book that includes 66 books
  • explaining the Old Testament and New Testament
  • looking at the different types of books ie Gospels, history, letters
  • reasons why we can trust the Bible
  • explaining the numbers and chapters
  • how to find what God says about something in the Bible
  • who wrote the various books and when they were written
  • what the Bible says about itself
  • a simple plan for daily Bible reading

My heart is to give people access to the Bible and help them to understand it a whole lot better.

I could see this is something we could run as a fellowship early next year and then run every two months or so.

God Bless,