Be like a wind turbine

August 20th, 2011

Yesterday I went for my weekly walk up Merredin Peak to pray and seek God. As I got to the top I saw all the wind turbines off on the horizon. They were spinning and creating power.

As I pondered on these wind turbines I realised that they were designed and created to face the wind and allow the winds power to flow over them. As this happened the blades spin and power is generated.

As I meditated on this a bit more I realised that as Christians we are designed to use God’s power to do good works in this world. We are designed to stand and allow the “wind” of the Holy Spirit to empower us.

Like the wind turbines, we as Christians just need to face ourselves towards God and allow His Spirit generate power in us to do His works. Let’s all purpose in our hearts to face towards God today.

God Bless,