A really good Bible resource

August 17th, 2011

In 2005 and 2006 I took myself through the Bible using Old and New Testament Bible Foundations. It is a DVD-Rom or computer program that takes you on an interactive journey of the Bible.

I found that in these two years I really improved my understanding of the Bible and how it all ties together. It impacted me so much that I decided to return full time to Bible College in 2008.

Today I thought I would share this resource as it really blessed me. It is one we are looking at taking our church through over the next year. Something I am really excited about!

Here is some of the blurb about it…

Know your Bible like never before

Do you want to know your Bible—really know it, far better than you ever imagined? Through the color and educational muscle of multimedia, the Biblical Foundations series lets you take your Bible study to a whole new, exciting level. Packed into two DVD-ROMs or available as a download to your computer, this innovative study tool guides you through a comprehensive, interactive survey of the Bible. It’s fascinating, enjoyable, easy to use, and perfect for both individuals and groups. No need to be a computer whiz. And you choose your learning level, pace, and, best of all, the time and place.

Know the foundational advantage

Each lesson takes you on a Bible adventure rich in multimedia resources that vividly enhance your learning experience. You’ll love the look and feel of Biblical Foundations. And just imagine the convenience of being able to carry an entire, virtual library of biblical resources in your bag or briefcase—instantly accessible to you anytime, anywhere!

Take an unforgettable journey through God’s Word

Travel by yourself—or take your whole family. Either way, you’ll make eye-opening discoveries that deepen your faith. Every screen brings greater clarity to the life-changing story that took place two thousand years ago. Best of all, you can learn at home at your family’s convenience.

Energize your small group with multimedia insights

Home Bible study leaders, you’ll value the detailed course outline and supplemental study helps. Renowned Bible scholars Dr. Craig Blomberg, Dr. Douglas Stuart, and best-selling author Philip Yancey guide you and your group through the entire landscape of the Bible. Interactive learning exercises invite discussion and invigorate group discovery.

If you are interested you can find out more information here.

God Bless,