Church: My biggest struggle as a Christian

June 21st, 2011

I was talking with a good Christian friend recently and we were talking about some of our struggles we have had as Christians. We touched on a number of things and eventually settled on our number one struggle we have had over the journey of our Christian life.

My biggest struggle as a Christian has always been Sunday morning church. As someone who is not naturally outgoing, it has always been really hard. I am not naturally drawn to crowds and I am not naturally drawn to social ocassions like parties or group events. So I find Sunday morning church with the big crowds really hard.

That may surprise a few people who read this blog as I always encourage people to attend church and serve in some capacity there. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe church is good and as Christians we should meet with other Christians, it is just what we do on Sunday morning is really hard for me… and I suspect for a lot of other people too?

Ever since I first started attending church in the late 1980s I have always looked forward to the home group type atmosphere where you sit in someone’s lounge room and you talk, pray and do a Bible study together. I also find a home group atmosphere a better place to share and make real friends. It just seems more natural and more real.

I am wondering as I type if I am the only one who struggles with Sunday morning church or if there are others who find it hard too? I wonder if there are others who struggle, but go because we should? I wonder if there are others who like the smaller home group setting more too?

God Bless,