Being a good dad

May 27th, 2011

One of my key joys and responsibilities in this life is being a Dad. It ranks up as my second most important things I do. First is trying to walk with Jesus everyday. Second is being the best husband and Dad I can be.

Being a good Dad didn’t come naturally to me. To be honest I was very nervous when we were expecting our first child. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it very well, because I didn’t really have a Dad present to be a role model on how it is done.

Over time though I got used to the idea and started to learn what being a Dad was all about. So far things are going well and friends say I am a good Dad and they ask advice…so I must be doing something right!

Anyway here a few reflections that I have found on the journey.

1. I need to put God first – When I don’t put God first and I focus first on my family, my priorities get out of whack. Having a right relationship with God flows down and impacts my family positively. Putting God first brings a stability and strength to all you do.

2. I need to seek God’s wisdom – Many times when being a Dad I have not sure how to handle a situation. In these times I prayed and prayed and prayed. I asked for God’s wisdom because I know He knows the best way of dealing with things and He knows how things will turn out.

3. Loving my wife – A bit like I said in the post the other day about self esteem. Kids need to see a stable relationship between Mum and Dad. They need to see people talking things through, solving problems together, loving each other and working together as one.

4. Teaching them about God – As Dads this is very important. We have to bring our kids up in an environment of faith. We also need to teach out kids about the basics of life and what it is to follow Jesus. As a Dad I see it as vital to model a life of following Jesus and practising what I preach.

5. Being there for your kids – I make myself available to go to all of their sporting games, talk at most times of the day, be involved in what they are doing. Being there for your kids in vital if you are to be a good Dad. I also try to make space for personal outings to keep connected.

6. Learn from others – A key things I believe is to learn from others who are good Dads. Read books, watch DVDs and talk to people who you think are good Dads. Being a good Dad is like anything else, you can learn to be better and pick up tips from others.

7. Loving your kids – This almost goes without saying, but it is a good reminder. Sometimes we can get caught up in being a provider, a teacher or the one who beings correction. Ultimately though, being a good Dad is about loving and accepting your kids and encouraging them in all they do.

8. Look at Jesus – Lastly is my biggest way I learned to be a good Dad. Although Jesus didn’t have kids, the way He treated people was a great example. Jesus loved them, cared for them, respected them, corrected them, taught them, and ultimately He sacrificed for them. As I learned about Jesus, I learned what it is to be a real man and I learned what it is to be a Dad.

So there you have it. Some of my tips for being a good Dad. I deliberately bookended my tips with number 1 and 8 – putting God first and looking at how Jesus did things. These are ultimately what enables us to be good Dads. I hope these tips are a blessing to you.

God Bless,