Growing kids with healthy self esteem

May 24th, 2011

One of the things I struggled with until I was about 30 years old was self esteem. I really had a poor self image and this effected everything I did.

As a parent now I determined to really build into my kids and help them to have a positive view on themselves. I wanted them to be confident and happy in their own skins. Here are a few of the things my wife and I have have tried to help in this process…

1. Give them a loving environment – nothing helps kids be happy and healthy mentally than providing a stable loving home life for them. It gives them a solid base to build from. Knowing their Mum and Dad love and support them unconditionally does wonders.

2. Created by God – when your kids know from a young age that they were created by God and for a purpose it changes them. They don’t see themselves as a mistake or here by chance. They look to God’s purpose for their lives and it gives meaning and self confidence to take life on.

3. Consistent positive messages – kids need positive reinforcement and not mixed messages. You can’t tell your kids you can do anything one day and then tell them they are useless or no hopers the next. Feedback needs to be positive and constructive and not aimed to tear them down.

4. Building skills – kids develop a positive self image through learning new things and mastering them. As they learn a new sporting skill, a new hobby or school concept their confidence levels and self image grows. There is nothing like doing something well and having a sense of achiement to help build you up.

So there you have it. Four things that I think have helped and are helping my kids grow a positive self esteem and self image. By no means is it an exhaustive list, but I hope you find them useful if you are a parent.

God Bless,