Losing God at Bible College

May 19th, 2011

Years ago when I first started attending Bible College one of the lecturers said, “Don’t lose your connection with God while you are here at Bible College”. At first I thought this was a strange statement. After all we came here to learn about God and ministering to others , how could we forget God?

After time though, I realised the wisdom of that statement. It came from someone who knew from personal experience how busy Bible College could be and how easily you get caught up in assignments, exams and ministry assignments that you can lose God in the midst of it all.

For this reason the Bible College made sure that each student had a set personal time of devotion each day. When first arriving at class everyone had to complete there own personal devotion time for 30 minutes. It didn’t matter if it was a prayer walk around campus, some quiet worship or prayerful Bible reading. You just had to do it.

Looking back now I can see it was a good practice to get in to. After all, no matter who we are we can get busy and caught up in what we are doing. If we work, study or even if we are a full time minister our schedules can be so full that we forget to have alone time with God.

Time alone with God is on my heart today. It is every now and then.  Sometimes it is for me, and sometimes it is for those who read this blog. Because of that I ask this question. How are you going with your personal alone time with God?

God Bless,