Positive addictions

May 10th, 2011

One of the positive things I took away from the RealMen conference in Perth last year was the idea of having positive addictions in our lives. From memory I think it was from John Finkelde.

The idea behind positive addictions is to include things in your life that you enjoy doing and that are good for you. It might be going to the gym, walking along the beach, bike riding, photography, painting, making things out of wood or anything.

I have two positive addictions that are a regular part of my week – mountain biking and gym workouts. I do three of each a week on alternate days. And rest on Sundays.

I find that having these positive addictions help me to be healthy and feel more active and alive. I also feel more alert and have more energy as a result of doing them.

Another positive is it gives me things to look forward to doing when I am particularly busy or going through a stressful time. It sort of breaks things up and gives me an outlet.

Now I have been doing weights for about 25 years consistantly and cycling on and off, but seeing these things as positive addictions have helped to freshen them up and change my attitude towards them.

The cool thing about having these things is that if my motivation falls away, I just buy myself something new to do with them. Today I just received some new click in pedals for my bike and I can’t wait to try them out.

So how about you? What positive addictions have you got? If you haven’t got any, what things would you like to do that breaks up the everyday routine, keeps you active and gives you something to look forward to?

God Bless,