Which denomination am I?

May 5th, 2011

One of the questions I get asked via email is which church denomination am I. I guess this is because on our about page for PASSION it says that we are a “non-denominational” ministry.

My answer to the question is I don’t really see myself as being attached to one denomination. I see myself as a Jesus follower first and then a church goer after that.

Over the years I have attended a number different denominations including a Baptist Church, Church of Christ and an Apostolic Church for about five years. I have also visited Anglican and AOG churches.

We currently attend our local Uniting Church several times per month on Sundays which is just around the corner. We find this church fits mostly where we are at as a family.

So back to the question – what denomination am I? I think it is just easier to say I am a Jesus follower who attends his local church!

God Bless,


PS. If you live outside Australia the denomination names might mean different things in your area and have different reputations to what they have in Australia.