Finding 30 and growing in your faith

March 11th, 2011

One of the things I love to do is keep fit. Currently I ride three days per week for 30 minutes and I do a full body weight routine on the other three days. On Sunday I rest.

I have found this routine works really well for me. It gives me variety in my fitness training and keeps me fit and toned. It also  keeps my heart strong and my joints healthy and strong too.

As I was thinking about this routine today, I thought that it would be good to alternate what we do as Christians in our devotion times.

On three days per week we could pray for 30 minutes (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) and on three days per week (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) we could read the Bible for 30 minutes. On Sunday we could go to church.

Like I find with my fitness training it would give us variety in our devotion times. It would also help us to keep spiritually fit and strong too!

God Bless,