Preparing your testimony

March 7th, 2011

A testimony can be a great way to share your faith as a Christian. I find that people like hearing your story and how knowing Jesus has changed your life.

When I share about my testimony I touch on three main areas.

1. My life before Christ – I share things like how I felt, my illness, what sort of things I was in to, my upbringing and the sense of emptiness I had inside. These things set the scene.

2. My conversion – I then share how I came to Jesus. I talk about how I was feeling before coming to Jesus, the people who helped me, the tract I read, the prayer I prayed and the story of Jesus coming to die on the cross for me.

3. How my life has changed – In this final section I share how knowing Jesus personally has changed my whole life and outlook. I talk about the love, acceptance, hope, joy and purpose I now feel inside.

These three things really help me to structure my story and how Jesus’ story impacted and changed my life.

It really helps me to keep on track when telling people about Jesus. I hope it works for you too.

God Bless,