Appointing a king

February 23rd, 2011

I was reading Deuteronomy 17:14-20 this morning. This passage talks about Israel appointing a king. As I read I found three things really interesting.

1. It was a future appointment – In verse 14 we see that it is talking about a future time when the people have entered the promised land. God knew they would ask for a king to be like the nations around them. We see this actually happens in 1 Samuel 8:4-9. It was no surprise to God that the people would demand that Samuel would appoint a king.

2. The king had restrictions – In verses 16-17 we see that the king was to have restrictions. This goes against the norm of society. The king could not own too many horses because it was a sign on wealth and power and could cause him to rely on his own strength. He could not have too many wives either. This would mean his loyalties could become divided. God wanted the king to rely on Him and keep his focus on Him.

3. He needed to have his own copy of the Law – Verses 18-20 talks about the importance of the king having his own copy of the Law (Bible) to read and reflect on. Having his own personal copy would mean that he could learn about God, learn to keep His commands and keep his perspective of himself correct. Verse 20 finishes with a promise for a long reign for him and his descendants if he honours God’s word.

In this passage we see that God knew Israel would ask for a king. And when they did He wanted to ensure that the king relied on Him and not wealth, and that he led the people correctly because he revered the Lord and followed His ways.

God Bless,