Signs of the end of the world and some encouragement

February 18th, 2011

In Luke 21:5-36 there is a passage that the NIV titles, “Signs of the end of the age”. In this passage the Disciples ask Jesus how they will know when the end of the world is coming.

In His answer Jesus lists a number of things that must take place before the end and He also lists nine things to encourage His followers to remember.

1. Do not follow false leaders. Jesus warns that in the last days many will come in His name and for His followers not to be decieved and follow them (v8).

2. Do not be frightened by the events associated with the end times. Things like earthquakes, wars and famines will happen but He encourages not to be frightened. These things will happen first (v9-11).

3. Jesus says that when people are persecuted because of their faith, that He will give them the right words to say. He even says that you will be a witness to the people as you speak (v12-16).

4. Jesus encourages that when all are against you, that you will be protected and will gain life by standing firm in your faith (v17-19).

5. In verse 20 Jesus says that when the armies suround Jerusalem we will know that its destruction is near. He says to flee the city if you are in it or not go back if you are outside (v20-24).

6. When the final apocalyptic events take place Jesus encourages His followers to take heart as your coming redemption will be complete when He returns (v25-28).

7. Jesus reminds that all of these things point to the coming of the kingdom of God. We must not forget that despite these events that God is ultimately in control and His plans will come to pass (v29-31).

8. Be assured that throughout the apocalyptic period the Lord’s words endure. Jesus says that even though the heavens and the earth the pass away, His words will never pass away (v32-33).

9. Jesus says to be watchful and pray so you will be able to escape all that happens. Jesus also encourages us not to let our hearts be weighed down by these things and look forward (v34-36).

In this passage we see that Jesus speaks of the things that will happen before the end of the world comes, but He also encourages us to stand firm and not lose heart. He is coming back for us and we will spend eternity in His glorious presence.

God Bless,