Short term missions on the rise

November 11th, 2010

One of the things I have noticed a rise in lately is that more and more Christians and churches are getting involved in short term overseas missions.

I really love hearing about churches and Christians going overseas as small teams to impact communities and make peoples lives better. The church is being God’s hands, God’s feet and God’s voice to the to the hurting and the needy.

I love hearing about the churches they are building, the playgrounds they are doing up for the local kids, the training of lay Pastors, the handing out of the Bibles to people who could never afford to buy one, or the medical treatments that change peoples lives.

It is so awesome. It is so inspiring. I really think it is God’s heart that we as Christians and churches are involved in this great work.

There are two other things I like about this short term mission trips. One is that the people who go are changed forever too. They just seem to come back different. And the second is that it gives churches a mission focus. They raise money, they see the difference they can make and people want to go themselves.

Short term missions are an awesome thing. I am really glad that more and more churches and getting involved. Somehow I think it makes God smile too.

God Bless,