What do people want to know online?

November 9th, 2010

In a previous job I was a Webmaster for 10 years for a state government department. During this time I would regularly check the website statistics to see what people were interested in. This along with media coverage and talk back radio helped us to know when we hit on something the public was interested in.

For my work with PASSION I am also check the web statistics several times per month to see what people are viewing and what search terms people use to find my website. At different times there are spikes in topics and pages. However there are also some regular things that make the top list of pages each month.

Here are some of the things people want to know about online from a Bible/Christian perspective…

1. Salvation – people want to know what the Bible says about salvation and how they go about it. I find hundreds of people each month visit my salvation pages to see what God says on this issue.

2. True Disciple – Another very popular article is being a true disciple of Christ. It seems Christians want to know what it is to really follow Christ and how they live this life out each day.

3. New Christians – one page that has hundreds of visitors each month is my tips for new Christians page. This seems to be a combination of new Christians and people wanting resources for their friends. This is shown in the search terms.

4. Self Esteem – many people come to my website to find help for self esteem issues. They want to know who God says they are and see themselves through the lens of Scripture.

5. Bible Readings – the last page that receives a lot of traffic each month is my Bible readings page. People search for things like “Bible reading plans” or “Easter Bible reading plan”.

Prayerfully looking at and evaluating your website traffic can really help you to know what people are interested in online. It can also help guide the things you do in future to keep bringing people back and being a continued blessing to them.

God Bless,