The little things can make a big difference

November 4th, 2010

Sometimes in life it is not just the big things that make a difference to peoples lives. Sometimes it is the small things done consistently that really help.

Recently I heard of an elderly lady who had lost their husband. A neighbour who lives next door has been doing some of the little things to make her life a bit easier.

Things like taking out the rubbish bin on bin day, buying the paper when they go to the shop, baking a loaf of bread and taking it over. All things just to help.

The neighbour has also been there for a cuppa and a chat when needed.

All of these things have been thoughtful and I think really helpful. In themselves they are not super big life changing things, but they all help in this time.

Helping people with the small daily or weekly chores can make a big difference to their lives. I wonder if there is someone you or I can help today?

God Bless,