Three essentials of being a good servant

November 2nd, 2010

As a committed Christian my heart is to be a servant of God. I want to follow Jesus’ example of servant-hood (Mark 10:45, Matthew 12:18, Philippians 2:7).

I really want to use my life to serve God and to serve others. As I have been reflecting on this idea of servant-hood, three things have come to mind…

1. A servant should have only one Master – as Christians our sole Master must be God Himself. We can’t have divided attentions or divided loyalties.

2. A servant should be submissive to the Master’s will – a true servant must have a desire to do the Master’s will. Like Jesus did on the Garden, He surrendered His will to the Father.

3. A servant must be faithful to the Master – 1 Corinthians 4:2 talks about if we have been given a trust, it is important that we are found to be faithful.

Let’s purpose in our hearts today to be God’s devoted servants. Let’s have Him as our sole Master, be surrendered to His will and be faithful to Him in all we do.

God Bless,