Starting your day with Jesus

August 26th, 2010

In the Bible we see there are a number of ocassion when Jesus got up early to pray and start His day with the Father.

Mark 1:35 is a good example of this. It seems that Jesus made a connection with His Father during His prayer time. It seems that He also received guidance because He said they needed to go off and preach in other towns.

As I have shared before I am someone who tries to start each day in prayer. I have my Bible and a prayer journal to record my prayer needs and my prayer for others and any Bible reflections I have. At the moment I am doing this in a free program called idailydiary.

Today as I finished doing this I was reminded that how by starting my day with Jesus in this way helps me to centre my day on Him. Instead of starting to think about work, my problems or things I need to do, I could start with Jesus in my mind. It is a much better way to start the day.

If you don’t do this I would encourage you to do so. From my perspective it helps me to leave the house with Jesus on my mind and I leave with a totally different focus.

God Bless,