Real Men’s reflections

August 24th, 2010

Today I am going to take a break from my Bible only posts which have been the theme for this year so far. I want to process a few random thoughts from the RealMen conference I went to in Perth this last weekend.

I didn’t actually take notes this time as I wanted to let the conference as a whole wash over me. I figured I could always get the CDs if one speaker really spoke something that stood out.

Anyway here’s some random thoughts…

  • It was good to get some time to get away and be filled up and encouraged. It was almost like a pilgrimage for me as I had to drive 300km to get there.
  • I really liked that one of the main themes of the conference seemed to be all about loving God and loving your family and that being a real man is about being there for your family.
  • TAWG – Graham Maybury used that acronym for Time Alone With God. Never heard that before, but it reinforced to me that all we do as Christian men should flow from this personal time alone with God.
  • John Finkelde mentioned that some men might have pushed the pause button on some things God may have asked us to do. He said it was time to un-press the pause and hit play again. This caused me to reflect on some of the things God has asked me to do and ask if it is now time.
  • The opening on the Friday night was brilliant. Big screens, lasers, smoke, awesome guitar with sparks flying out, flames flying out of the stage. I was pumped and ready to go by that. We don’t get that in country churches!
  • Another theme that seemed to come through was jumping off the busyness treadmill. Working less at work and doing less things we are not called to do makes a lot of sense.
  • I also got to sit with one of my great spiritual buddies I haven’t seen in person for three years. As soon as we saw each other we just clicked back into where we left off.
  • The worship was great. Loved singing with hundreds of other men. Whoever thinks men don’t like to sing and worship should go to a RealMen conference!
  • Also got to meet one of my blogging buddies quickly in person. We had emailed, Facebook’d, Twitter’d in the past but never met in person. Missed out on meeting one of the other blogging buddies…hopefully next time.

There were lots of other great things including lots of Scripture and teaching, but these things are some general reflections I have had since coming home. The main thing was the encouragement to keep doing what I am doing in my relationship God, with my family and in the world I find myself in.

God Bless,