The sinner’s prayer & salvation

July 9th, 2010

The sinner’s prayer is a prayer that people can pray to begin a relationship with God. It typically includes a number of things like…

  • confessing your sin and asking God’s forgiveness,
  • telling God you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sin and He rose to life
  • asking Jesus into our lives to be our Lord and Saviour.

In Christian circles it has been used to help people find salvation either by praying it alone with someone, praying it from a tract or website, or by praying it in a public meeting where the person comes to the front (ie at a Billy Graham crusade).

I firmly believe in the sinner’s prayer to help people find God and make that salvation connection with Him. I have this on many pages on my website and in many of the tracts I give away each year.

It must be said though that it is not just about praying a simple prayer that saves you. The intent and hearts desire behind the prayer is vitally important. Praying a prayer in rote format with no heart behind it does not guarantee this connection is made.

I believe there must be a genuine desire to connect with God and have our past sins dealt with and forgiven. We need to genuinely desire to start our lives afresh and follow Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Of course when many of us come to Christ we do not fully understand what we are doing and in time we learn more about the decision we have made, but the sinner’s prayer can be that point of connection where our new journey begins.

Once we have prayed this prayer, the ongoing daily walk and discipleship with God is vitally important. We need to get around good people to learn about the Bible, prayer, serving God, Baptism and to ensure our commitment we made in the prayer is a lifetime one of following Jesus.

In some circles the sinner’s prayer might have gone out of fashion, but I believe it is still an important part of the process of bringing people to Christ for the long term.

God Bless,