Church membership

July 3rd, 2010

Church membership is an interesting topic. As I talk to people I find there are a number of different views on what membership is or what it should be. Generally I have found there seems to be two main views.

1. The Tradition view – Many Christians see membership as “signing” up and committing to attend a particular local church. They sort of pledge to become a part of the local church, attend each week, serve there, support and encourage the other members. They also pledge regular offerings to support its work. Being a member in this way also gives you the ability to vote on certain issues like hiring a new Minister, major church building projects and other things. In many ways it is like being a paid up member of a sporting club.

2. The Global Church view – Many other Christians believe that church membership is not necessary and that it is not Biblical. They say we become members of the global church when we come to Christ and that you don’t need to be members of a local church. In a sense when we come to Christ we become members of all churches by default. This view seems to be held by many in the house church movement that I have been reading about lately.

Personally, whenever I have spent any length of time in a local church I have always become a member. I am a member of my local church here in Merredin. It just seemed the right thing to do to show my commitment to the church. However the more I think about it in light of my recent reading, it really didn’t make much difference to my connection to the church or my feelings about the other members.

I find church membership certainly is an interesting topic. It is one that sparks an interesting discussion when you bring it up in a group of Christians. What are your thoughts? Are you a member of your local church? Is church membership necessary?

God Bless,