Discussion Bible Study

July 1st, 2010

Last night we had some friends over for a home group / house church meeting. We had a meal, shared, prayed and did a discussion style Bible study. It was a nice time.

During the night I shared some brief thoughts on 1 Timothy 4:6-16. Basically it was a blog post that I have shared before on this blog and the content of a MP3 on my website. It took probably 30 minutes to prepare originally.

I found it interesting that when I shared it, it opened up some discussion and got us started. We talked about the passage and then went off some of other tangents and asked some questions about other passages too.

It was a real discussion Bible study like I have read about in many of the house church / simple church books I have read. We all asked questions of the text and to each other. Collectively we came up with some thoughts.

I have to say I enjoyed this style of group discussion. The preparation was simple, it took no time at all and it served as a tool to spark some conversation where we were all encouraged.

The great thing is we all participated equally which is the goal of the discussion Bible study.

God Bless,