A legacy

June 10th, 2010

I was thinking about some of the things I would like to leave this world when it is time to wander off into eternity. Not in a morbid sense, but in a positive sense. Here’s a few things that I would like to leave behind for those who come after me.

1. A legacy of faith – I would really love to leave my faith to those in my family. It would be great to see both of my kids follow Jesus after I am gone…and their kids too.

2. A daily devotional – I would love to leave a daily devotional behind. I like the thought of writing a 365 day devotional that encourages people from the Word of God. So far I have about 120 of the 365 written.

3. A positive impact – It would be nice to think that my life made other peoples life better. I would love to think that when I pass away that people would say Dave made this world a better place. He gave more than he took.

4. Disciples – It would be great if as a result of my work through PASSION and through the local church that people would become lifelong followers of Jesus. Leaving disciples who make more disciples would be cool.

How about you? What sort of things would you like to leave behind? I think it is work reflecting on today.

God Bless,