Some negatives of house churches

June 4th, 2010

In yesterday’s post I looked at some of the positives of house churches. Today I want to look at some of the negatives that I have read about in my study of the house church movement.

1. Many house churches fold in the first 6-12 months. It seems that they start with real energy and excitement but run out of steam before they really get going. This happens more in Western countries.

2. Some house church adherents believe that this is the only real way to do church as this is how the early church met. Instead they should see the house church movement as part of the wider body of Christ.

3. Some house church adherents seem to spend a lot of time throwing stones at the traditional church. I believe this does not honour Christ or His church at large.

4. It would be easy for a house church to be dominated by one or two strong personalities or “Bible scholars”, rather than the whole group participating equally.

5. House churches that are not connected to a larger network of churches could easily get off track and in a sense become a mini cult. Accountability and keeping in contact with other local church networks would help with this.

6. House churches that are not networked are not able to run some of the big programs to help the community that the large church denominations can run (ie UnitingCare, Salvos, AngliCare). But of course they can donate towards them.

Again these are just some random thoughts I have had while reading about the house church movement. Personally I think the positives out way the negatives, but they would be things to keep in mind if you were starting a house church.

God Bless,