Positives of house churches

June 3rd, 2010

Now before I type anything here I need to say that I am no expert in house churches. I have only ever been to one house church several times when I was a new Christian. The experience was positive, but I kept on thinking why aren’t we doing this in a church building! I just didn’t get it at the time.

However in saying this, I have read quite a few books now on the subject. These have been from a variety of authors with different beliefs on what church really is. So from this perspective I have developed some thoughts, albeit from the outside looking in.

Here are some house church positives from a distance…

  1. It seems they would be easy to start as there is no building to build or building to pay for.
  2. They would allow people to get to know each other really well due to the small group size.
  3. I can see how everyone would have freedom to minister and use their gifts.
  4. They would be easy to multiply by splitting the group when it grew too big.
  5. All monies donated could go directly to community work or missions due to point 1.
  6. No ordained Minister is required because they see all believers as ministers.
  7. All of the members including adults and kids all meet, learn and grow together.
  8. They would not restricted to one day of the week, one time or one place where they meet.
  9. They usually start with a meal where everyone brings something.
  10. There is a freedom to chop and change things as there is generally no order of service.
  11. It would be easier for some people to attend the first time as it is at a home, not a church building.
  12. There seems to be a focus on evangelism and discipleship.

In the next few days I might put down some negatives that I have seen when reading about house churches.

God Bless,