Things I like about the church

May 26th, 2010

I have been reflecting a lot on the church lately. By “the church” I mean God’s people all over the world, not the place we go on Sunday morning. As I have been reflecting I have found there are a number of things I like about the church as a whole.

1. There are different ways to do church – I like that there are big churches, small churches, house churches, different denominations, churches that meet in community centres, churches in that meet in parks etc. I like that there is no one way to do church and no matter how we meet, we are all part of God’s global church if chose to follow Jesus.

2. We share resources well – I like that as churches we are really good at sharing our resources well. If you go online you can find free Bible studies, free devotional materials, free sermons, free worship video, just about anythings for free. I really like that the church has a Kingdom focus and not only shares what we learn, but shares our resources to build up others.

3. That I belong wherever I go – I really like that wherever I go in the world, I am a member of God’s family and part of His church. I have met and made feel welcome in churches when I am away on holidays because I say I follow Jesus. Likewise I have met people on buses, in shops, in carparks, at work, even online that I feel connected to instantly when we find out we are Jesus followers.

These are three things I really like about being part of God’s worldwide church. What three things do you like about being part of the church? If you have a blog, maybe you could pick up on this idea and share your three things.

God Bless,