Homeschool moderator day

May 14th, 2010

Today is that day of the year where we get a visit from the homeschool moderator. The moderator is a representative from the Western Australian Education Department. They come out once or twice a year to see how you are going with your homeschooling.

In general it is a pretty straight forward process. But like most things when people come to check up on how you are going, there is a bit of stress involved. We have to get all the kids work together and arrange it in a way that showed we have covered all the learning areas required by WA law.

The main thing the Education Department needs to see is that the kids are progressing in the main learning areas. It doesn’t matter what books we are using or how kids compare to others in their age group, it is more about covering the things that need to be covered.

We are lucky in a sense as we use the curriculum from Australian Homeschooling Supplies. They have done all the research and know what all the states in Australia are required to do and they either write books or source books that cover those things.

So today we are getting out all the Maths, English, Phonics, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, LOTE and Health books to show the moderator. We also give an overview of the things the kids do outside of “school”. Things like athletics, netball, church youth group, community work and social interaction all to show your kids are moving forward.

Last year the moderator was with us for four hours. Hopefully this year we can cut that in half, especially since he drives two hours each way from Northam to get to us!

God Bless,